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For Good Measure is a community a cappella group, formed in 2015 by a group of friends in Ann Arbor who wanted to keep making music together in post-collegiate life. Over the years, it expanded from the original quintet to its current size of 15 members, but it still continues to embody the founding premise: if music (and fellowship) be the food of love, play on!

Our repertoire spans many genres, including pop, choral, comedy, alternative rock, spiritual, and original pieces, to name a few. We take pride that most of our arrangements come from our members. To learn more about us or to book a gig, email us at

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Meet For Good Measure!

Anna Balzer


When Anna is not leading the green energy revolution or rebuilding her house, she's lending her beautiful voice and beautiful face to 4GM. And while she's leading the polls for the "most responsible" member of 4GM, don't let that fool you—it's a low bar.

Daniel Bizer-Cox

Baritone / Tenor

Grandpa Dan hugs trees for the federal government by day, and dreams of choral conducting by night. Their fever-dream-inspired mashup arrangements are the leading cause for why vocal percussionists in 4GM need pacemakers.

Liz "HH" Bizer-Cox

Alto / Mezzo / Soprano

In addition to being a certified speech language pathologist, HH has a master's degree in cat herding. She's our organizational force for concert dress, standing order, and social events. Without her skills, we'd probably all be pooh bearing in a haphazard clump at our concerts. Probably.

Rebecca Chen


As our resident nurse, RebChen keeps us hydrated throughout the concert season. Next step: saline solution IVs and urinary catheters during the concert, so we don't need to take water or bathroom breaks. #HydrateOrDydrate

Flo Friedrich


Flo is 4GM's therapist. However, the jury is still out on whether her ability to put up with our shenanigans is a testament to her perseverance or a question mark on her own sanity.

Sarah "SP" Goslin

Mezzo / Soprano

SP is a plant.

Robert Granville

Bass / Vocal Percussion

RobRob can fix anything. Car broke down? He's got you. Wifi router on the fritz? Don't worry about it! Having troubles reaching that E♭? All good, he'll get you there, too.

Emily Gunderson

Mezzo / Vocal Percussion

Being a teacher requires a lot of patience, so Gundy's professional career has primed her well for dealing with 4GM's antics. Which is good, because our vocal percussionists need to be highly skilled in herding cats tempo-rally.

Lizzie "MKHW" Hatfield

Mezzo / Soprano

By contract, 4GM is required to have at least one dentist in its ranks—you never know when you're going to have an oral emergency! Thankfully, MKHW stepped up to the plate and keeps us smiling brightly!

Rachael Kohl

Alto / Mezzo / Soprano / Tenor

MagiKohl, MystiKohl, MusiKohl are just three words that describe Rachael. Need a juggler, balloon-maker, or a lawyer? She's all three. Need a Tenor, Alto, Mezzo, or Soprano? No problem, she's all four. We said she was magiKohl and we weren't lying y'all.

Jordan Larson


Need a complicated rhythm? A consummate bass line? How about together? Just call Dr. Delight!

Need a goat cheese salad? An unexpected bottle of Smirnoff Ice? How about together? Tall Liz has got you covered!

Matt Miller

Baritone / Tenor

Matt the Elder's day job is fixing other people's computer problems. But as 4GM's dungeon master, he spends most of his time crafting elaborate D&D adventures that the party most definitely will not follow as intended.

Jason Rho

Bass / Basso profondo

Death Rho lives for those low Ds. You know the one so low, there are too many ledger lines to count? Yeah, that's the one. Get it.

Sarah Snay


Snay says what she wants to Snay. Honestsnay? We wanna see her be Snay. Because Snay can be amazing! Disclaimer: Snay is not a weapon or a drug, even though she kills it when she sings those high notes.

Kate Topham


Chaboi is a librarian, so she likes books and cats for days (twelve days by contract). Books and cats... Books 'n cats... books 'n catz 'n books 'n catz 'n books 'n catz 'n books 'n... (Sorry, our vocal percussionist got caught in a loop again.)

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